Session iV2019_1.5: Computer Graphics, Imaging & Visualization, Room TBA
(17/07/2019, 13:30-14:45)

Chair: TBA

  1. Hybrid polygon-point rendering of singular and non-manifold implicit surfaces
    Dirk Harbinson, Ron Balsys, Kevin Suffern
    Keywords: singular and/or non-manifold surfaces, hybrid points/polygonisation, spatial subdivision, interval arithmetic, GPU rendering
  2. Volume Completion for Trimmed B-reps
    Yang Song, Elaine Cohen
    Keywords: Trimmed B-reps, Volume Completion, Semi-structured Trivariate, Hybrid Representation
  3. Extended Analysis of Dynamic Parameters on Cubic Trigonometric Bezier Transtion Curves
    Md Yushalify Misro, Ahmad Ramli, Jamaludin Md Ali
    Keywords: dynamic parameters, trigonometric Bezier, S-shaped curves, C-shaped curves, transition curves
  4. Parietal Bone Fracture Reconstruction Using Bezier-Like Function
    Abdul Majeed, Abd Rahni Mt Piah
    Keywords: CT scan DICOM data, Boundary extraction, Bezier like functions, Genetic
    algorithm, Craniofacial reconstruction.
  5. Spline Functions and Genetic Algorithm for Reverse Engineering of Symmetric 3D Models
    Malik Zawwar Hussain, Maryam Khalid Khalid, Misbah Irshad, Muhammad Sarfraz
    Keywords: Reverse engineering; symmetric 3D models; genetic algorithm; cubic spline function; curve fitting.
  6. Cubic B-Spline curve interpolation with arbitrary derivatives on its data points
    Muhammmad Ammad, Ahmad Ramli
    Keywords: B-Spline parameterization; Data Interpolation

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