Session iV2019_1.3: Human-Computer Interaction for Information Visualization, Room TBA
(17/07/2019, 11:00-12:15)

Chair: TBA

  1. The Structural Equation Model Diagram as a Visualisation Tool for Testing Multivariate Psychology Data
    Theodor Wyeld 1, Minoru Nakayama 2
    1 Flinders University, Australia; 2 Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
    Keywords: SEM, visualisation, multivariate analysis, open data
  2. Universal Design Guidelines for Integrating Mixed Reality and Internet of Things as an AssistiveTechnology for Elderly People
    Ryan Anthony Jalova de Belen 1, Tomasz Bednarz 1,2
    1 University of New South Wales, Australia; 2 CSIRO Data61
    Keywords: assistive technology, elderly people, interaction design, human-centred design,mixed reality
  3. Sharing Emotion by Displaying a Partner Near the Gaze Point in a Telepresence System
    Seungwon Kim 1,2, Mark Billinghurst 1, Gun Lee 1, Mitchell Norman 1, Weidong Huang 2
    1 University of South Australia; 2 Swinburne University of Technology
    Keywords: Sharing emotion, Gaze interaction, Teleconference system.
  4. Using XR to Support Collaborative Learning in Health
    Dilanka Abeysinghe, Caslon Chua, Weidong Huang
    Keywords: Extended Reality, Collaborative Learning Systems
  5. Sens-e-motion: Capturing and Visualising Emotional Status of Computer Users in Real Time
    Weidong Huang, Prem Prakash Jayaraman, Ahsan Morshed, Shaun Blackburn,
    Cameron Redpath, Thomas Guerney, Ahmed Hussnain SHAHID, HOI Mui
    Keywords: visualisation, emotion, eye tracking, sentiment analysis

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