Session iV2019_2.3: Visual Analytics, Room TBA
(18/07/2019, 11:00-12:15)

Chair: TBA

  1. Glossopticon: Visualising Archival Data
    Andrew Burrell 1, Rachel Hendery 2, Nick Thieberger 3
    1University of technology Sydney; 2Western Sydney University; 3University of Melbourne;
    Keywords: Virtual reality, information visualisation, linguistic data, archives, research through design
  2. Virtual Reality for Maritime Archaeology in 2.5D: A virtual dive on a flute wreck of 1659 in Iceland
    John McCarthy, Kevin Martin
    Keywords: Iceland, 3D reconstruction, Shipwrecks, Virtual Reality, Maritime Archaeology
  3. Re-Purposing Laneway Spaces and Designing for Community Interaction through Augmented Reality
    Emil Eugen Jonescu, Ahmed Hammad Hammad, Khoa Do, Eric Choh
    Keywords: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Urban Design, Infrastructure, Architecture
  4. A Heatmap-based Visualization Technique for Finding Operational Problems
    Sayaka Yagi, Kimio Tsuchikawa, Kohji Tsuj
    Keywords: business analysis, heatmap, operational log, business process, process mining
  5. Visual (dis)Confirmation: Validating Models and Hypotheses with Visualizations
    In Kwon Choi, Nirmal Kumar Raveendranath, Jared Westerfield, Khairi Reda
    Keywords: Visual analytics, hypothesis-driven reasoning, sensemaking
  6. Visual Analysis Scenarios for Oceanographic Buoy Data
    Walbert Cunha Monteiro, Marcela Cunha Monteiro, Brunelli Pinto Miranda, Nelson Curz Sampaio Neto, Bianchi Serique Meiguins, Carlos Gustavo Resque dos Santos
    Keywords: Information Visualization, Visual Analysis of Oceanographic Buoy Data, Temporal Correlation
  7. If You Could Believe Your Eyes: Images and Fake News
    Mark W. McK. Bannatyne, Clinton T. Koch, Agnieszka K. Piekarzewska
    Keywords: manipulation; images; fake; news; Photoshop; raster; newspaper; internet;television

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