InfVis  – Information Visualisation Theory & Practice

IV-App – Applications of Information Visualization

Glyphs – Glyphs: Shapes, Icons, Text and Imagery in Visualization

IVE – Information Visualization Evaluation

VA – Visual Analytics

GVA – GeoVisual Analytics

KV – Knowledge Visualization and Visual Thinking

AIVDC – Advances in Interactive and Visual Data Clustering

VBI_OD – Visualisation in Business Intelligence and Open Data

HCI – Human-Computer Interaction for Information Visualization

AGT – Applications of Graph Theory

DHKV – Digital Humanities Knowledge Visualisation

LA – Learning Analytics

SSNN – Social Issues Analysis and Visualisation

BiWA – Big data Visualization and Visual Analytics

GMAI – Geometric Modelling and Imaging



VIS – Visualization

VAD – Visualization, Art, & Design

D-ART – Symposium of Digital Art and Gallery

ARVA – Augmented Reality Visualization and Art

CAivDE – Computer Animation, Information Visualisation, and Digital Effects

MuELear – Multimedia and E-learning

DE – Digital Entertainment

MuVis – Music Visualization



IVBI – BioMedical Visualization



BuiltViz – Visualisation in Built and Rural Environment