CGiV – Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization

15th International conference Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization

A number of invited speakers and tutorial sessions will review current state-of-the-art developments and outline future directions. This embedded with the current research being undertaken in industry and in academia will provide coverage of the salient aspects and sub-areas of visualisation and graphics. Such work will be presented in a series of symposia. One of which is the ” Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization ” symposium. The conference seeks original projects that deal with but are not limited to the following topics:


  • Computer Graphics
    • 3D-Visual Environments
    • Computer Animation, Information Visualisation, and Digital Effects
    • Rendering
    • Solid Modeling
  • Imaging
    • Image/Video Analysis
    • Forensic Digital Imaging
  • Visualisation
    • Visualisation
    • Visualisation – Scientific & Information
    • Visual Analytics
    • Bioinformatics Visualization
    • BioMedical Visualisation
    • Visualisation in Built Environmen
    • GeoVisualization and Information Visualization
    • Visualization in Communication Networks
    • Information Security and Forensics
  • Cgiv Application
    • Computer Aided Geometric Design & Graphics
    • Digital Art and Gallery
    • WebGraphics
    • Intelligent Recognition Techniques, Applications, Systems & Tools
    • MultiMedia
    • Digital Entertainment
    • Computer Games and their applications (CGa)
    • Education and Industrial Prospective

Please check the submission procedures @ the submission page.

General and Symposium specific enquiries and submissions should be addressed to the Conference Co-ordinator