OSINT-WM – Open Source Intelligence & Web Mining

The aim of this symposium is to provide an international forum for researchers, professionals, and industrial practitioners to share their knowledge in the rapidly growing area of OSINT-WM. OSINT-WM 2012 invites research submissions on all topics related to OSINT-WM, including but not limited to those listed below:

  • Open Source Intelligence Concepts
  • Open Source Intelligence Media
    1. Web Dynamics
    2. Dark Web, dark-net, invisible web, dark address space, murky address Space
    3. Content Mining
    4. Structure Mining
    5. Usage Mining
    6. Blog, micro-blogging and twitter Analysis
    7. Social network
    8. Search analysis
    9. Harvesting Web
  • News Analysis and Monitoring
  • Cyber warfare and security
  • Information warfare
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Forensic Data Mining
  • Privacy, legal and social issues

Please check the submission procedures @ the submission page.

General enquiries and submissions should be addressed to the Conference Co-ordinator

Symposium enquiries specific should be addressed to:


Paul Sant
University of Bedforshire, UK
dr.paul.sant (@) gmail.com