Session iV2018_1.9: Learning Analytics, Room F7
(11/07/2018, 15:50-17:00)

Chair: Filippo Sciarrone, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy

  1. Learning Analytics in Competitive Programming Training Systems
    William Di Luigi, PaoloFantozzi, Luigi Laura, Gemma Martini, Edoardo Morassutto,
    Giorgio Piccardo, Luca Versari
    Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
  2. Using Note-taking Instructions to reform student’s note taking activities and improve learning performance in a blended learning course
    Minoru Nakayama, Kouichi Mutsuura, Hiroh Yamamoto
    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  3. Dimensional Morphing Interface for Dynamic Learning Evaluation
    Paolo Mengoni, Alfredo Milani, Valentina Franzoni
    University of Florence, Italy
  4. Visualizing student flows to track retention and graduation rates
    Dániel Márton Horváth, Roland Molontay, Mihály Szabó
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

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