IV- Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

IV- Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

The safety and well-being of conference participants and local hosts is our top priority.

IV/CGiV organising committee carefully monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic situation. 

Plus, the current ongoing travel restriction that is in place nationally and internationally currently is likely to stay in place to some extent by the end of this year.

We had to make some changes to the planned Programme.


  1. The IV conferences will not be cancelled.
  2. Organising Committee was  decided that we should carry on as planned with some adjustments: 
  3. the conference will be scheduled ONLINE
  4. Dates changes to Monday 7 –  Friday 11, September 2020 – see the Important dates page
  5. Reduce the registration fee to reflect these changes – see Registration Page
  6. Bring two sister conferences (IV@Vienna & IV@Melbourne) to the same week.
  7. If you have any further questions about this, please email conference coordinator at iV_CGiV@graphicslink.co.uk

We always value participants’ suggestions and feedback, in the face of these surreal global public health challenges that we are confronting.

IV_CGiV Organising Committee

April 16, 2020

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