Poster Presentation

The SHOWCASE event at this conference is a poster session with a difference! It is a highly flexible means for the presentation and discussion of your software, ideas and research with supported interaction including usability studies, peer-to-peer feedback and expert tips. Hence, there is a strong emphasis on comprehensive interaction and qualitative feedback.

Due to the flexibility in the style of presentation, submissions can take a variety of forms including, but not limited to,

  • Traditional posters – these will be exhibited on display boards. In general the dimensions available to each presenter are either two pages of size A0 (1189mm by 841mm) with a landscape orientation or one page of size 2A0 (1189mm× 1682mm) for posters with a portrait orientation. Authors are expected to be available throughout the SHOWCASE event to discuss their work with conference delegates.
  • Online Display posters – It is possible to have an online poster presentation either in the lecture room or at the exhibition room. The set-up of all online poster exhibitions is the responsibility of the contributor

The emphasis of this session is to provide a highly personalised means for authors to demonstrate and get feedback on their work. Please contact us if you think it would be useful to present your work at this event. Read more about the event at SHOWCASE