GTNV – Graph Theory & Network Visualization

Graph or network theory and its visualization mathematically structure, model and visualize pairwise relations between objects and their attributes. Graph or network and its visualization has been used in wide range of applications, such as website maps, evolutionary trees, phylogenetic trees, molecular trees, genetic maps, data flow diagrams, subroutine-call graphs, entity relationship diagrams, semantic networks, knowledge-representation diagrams, and many more. This focused symposium provides a premier international forum for researchers and industrial practitioners to exchange state-of-the-art ideas in theories, designs, evaluations, and applications in the field of graph theory and network visualization.

The topics of interests include but are not limited to:

  • Graph drawing algorithms, visualization methods and graph interaction
  • Applications and tools for effective visualization of graphs and networks
  • Graph and network theory, and their applications
  • Evaluation on graph and network visualization and interaction.
  • Human perception and cognition in graph and network visualization
  • Benchmarking tools for studies of network visualization systems, user interfaces and graph theory
  • Visual Analytics with graphs and networks

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General enquiries and submissions should be addressed to the Conference Co-ordinator

Graph Theory & Network Visualization – GTNV – POSTER

Symposium enquiries specific should be addressed to:

Dr Quang Vinh Nguyen
School of Computer, Data & Mathematical Sciences, and MARCS Institute, AU
Email: q.nguyen (@)

Dr Samuel Mabakane
University of Cape Town
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Centre for High Performance Computing, South Africa
Email: smabakane (@)

Prof. Adrian Rusu 
Department of Computer Science, Fairfield University, USA
rusu (@)