IV_ AI&VKD – AI and Visual Knowledge Discovery

3rd International Symposium AI and Visual Knowledge Discovery

Artificial intelligence has come on its own in the last decade, it offers transformative potential across all sectors and disciplines. It’s a pervasive and general-purpose technology that has already generated many disruptive and incremental innovations, energizing expectations of what this technology will be capable of soon.

The conference will include sessions structured to provide a range of paper, poster, and panel discussion as well as collaborative project activities. Papers are invited, which present original research under the overall conference theme of Artificial Intelligence and Application.

The conference proceedings will be made available to delegates, and presenters are encouraged to provide whatever supplementary materials which they feel might be of interest to peers, beyond that already in their paper. For example, delegates might wish to provide additional images or movie files.

Papers are welcomed but are not limited to, research in the following areas.

Artificial intelligence ecosystem

  • History & Future of AI
  • AI within the context of the digital ecosystem
  • Potential trajectories of AI in an organization and beyond
  • Case studies of Artificial Intelligence application
  • AI and ROBOTICS – Knowledge-Based Control
  • Pathway Design to AI Enterprise

AI and Visual knowledge discovery: toward deep understanding

  • Visual Machine learning and Data Mining
  • Visual methods in Deep learning and neural Networks
  • Visual knowledge discovery workflow models
  • Applications of Visual knowledge discovery
  • The POTENTIAL of your Data Assets
  • Tools & Techniques for developments

Working with intelligent machines

  • Intelligence in machines and the impact of AI in the labour market and beyond
  • Conversational AI –
    • For Assisted Living
    • For Mundane Tasks
  • AI and Art – Music, Film, Painting, and Literature
  • AI and Health – Diagnosis & Prognosis, and Drug Design

Responsible AI artificial intelligence

  • The Hierarchy of Ethical and Legal Considerations around AI
  • Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in AI
  • Explainable AI
  • Automated Decisions – Ethical and Legal Issues.

Modeling AI into a business Environment

  • Business case studies for the application of AI
  • AI Strategy for Business Adaption
  • Emerging Challenges for AI-Data Strategy AI & Implementation
  • Automating the Mundane

Boris Kovalerchuk (Prof.)
Central Washington University,
Washington, USA
borisk (@) cwu.edu

Razvan Andonie (Prof.)
Central Washington University,
Washington, USA
Razvan.Andonie (AT) cwu.edu

Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad (Dr.)
University of Washington Bothell,
Washington, USA
maahmad (AT)uw.edu

Ebad Banissi (Prof.)
banisse (@) lsbu.ac.uk

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