Welcome to the SHOWCASE event at Information Visualisation, a poster session with a difference!The SHOWCASE is a cooperative process for the presentation and discussion of your software, ideas and research.


The objective of the SHOWCASE is to provide delegates with the opportunity to present their work in a truly meaningful manner. This event provides presenters with the opportunity to proactively engage with a range of delegates from Academia and Industry in the broad field of Information Visualization.


Authors of posters, accepted for publication in the Book of Abstracts, will be offered a flexible format for display. Additionally, authors of full papers, accepted for publication in the published Conference Proceedings, may prefer to present their work during the SHOWCASE event, as opposed to the traditional oral presentation.

For example

  • You may want to do a traditional poster display.
  • You may want to give a demonstration of your software using a laptop.
  • You can even bring your own equipment and do something entirely different.

Just let us know what you require and we will discuss these arrangements with you directly.


Showcase Interaction

During the SHOWCASE interaction will be pro-actively supported. During the session, presenters will be able to request one or more of the following interaction opportunities

  • Usability study = We can arrange for another IV2018 delegate to visit you in order to participate in a usability evaluation
  • Peer-to-Peer feedback = We can arrange for a relevant conference programme committee member or delegate to visit you and provide you with feedback
  • Expert tips = We can arrange for one of our Experts to visit you briefly during the SHOWCASE event


Additional Benefits

Delegates who have the opportunity to present their work via the SHOWCASE event present their work to all IV2018 delegates.

The SHOWCASE is a unique single track event scheduled mid-way through the Conference, over a two-hour session.