BuiltViz – Visualisation in Built and Rural Environments

12th International Conference Visualisation in Built and Rural Environments

Call for Papers, Videos and Participation

The rapid development of information technologies, and the extent to which IT and visualization have become pervasive in architecture and construction, mean that processes, methods, theories and key research themes require study and debate. This conference will address many of these key themes and provide an environment within which discussion can lead to fruitful new ideas and allow participants to make contact with peers from across the globe.

The conference will include sessions structured to provide a range of paper, poster and panel discussion events. Papers are invited which present original research under the overall conference theme of Visualization in built and rural environments.

The conference proceedings will be made available to delegates, and presenters are encouraged to provide whatever supplementary materials which they feel might be of interest to peers, beyond that already in their paper. For example, delegates might wish to provide additional images or movie files.

Papers are welcomed, but are not limited to, research in the following areas.


  • Built Environment Information Modelling
    • Visualization as a decision-aid for construction and architectural management
    • 2D, 3D, 4D and nD modelling, simulation and visualization in AEC
    • Design decision support systems
    • Emergent technologies in collaborative working
    • Facilities management
    • Visualization as a decision-aid for planning
    • Standardization and interoperability in such applications
  • Visual Process Based Modeling
    • Visualisation of design and construction processes
    • Health, safety and risk management via visualisation
    • Interoperability and standards in AEC
    • Smart buildings
    • Virtual and augmented reality tools in AEC prototyping
    • Collaborative virtual environments in AEC
    • Visualisation in concurrent engineering
  • Virtual Prototyping & Technology
    • Mobile and ubiquitous environments
    • Perception and expectation of visualisation tools in AEC
    • 3D scanning and virtual site representation
    • Remote sensing, Lidar and other automated environmental data capture processes
    • Cognitive and sensory computing in AEC
    • Visual impact assessment
    • Validation of the reliability of judgements in AEC and planning from visual imagery
  • Architecture Visualisation
    • 3D modelling and Rendering
    • Visualisation
    • 2D and 3D Animation
    • Video Compositing
    • Visualisation on aesthetic values in architecture and construction
    • Visualisation in architectural product design
    • Landscape & rural environmental visualisation
    • 3D geographic information systems
    • Interactive modeling

Please check the submission procedures @ the submission page.

General and Symposium specific enquiries and submissions should be addressed to the Conference Co-ordinator

Symposium enquiries specific should be addressed to:

Andrew Agapiou LLM PhD
Department of Architecture
Strathclyde University

Email: andrew.agapiou(AT)strath.ac.uk