GTNV – Graph Theory & Network Visualization

The area of graph theory can be traced back as far as Leonhard Euler’s paper discussing Konigsberg and its bridges, Solutio problematis and geometriam situs pertinentis, in 1736. Graph and Network visualization, or link analysis is the process of presenting networks of connected entities as links and nodes visually (Data represented by nodes and the connection and association between data as edges). With current data centric environment, application and tools for visualisation and analytics is used in wide range of disciplines ranging from humanity, Art to data science, social sciences, information systems medicine and engineering.  This focused symposium will provide ideal setting for exchanging ideas as well as collaboration between scientist and engineers as well as application domain advocates

The topics of interests include but are not limited to:

  • Tools for the effective visualisation of graphs
  • Advances in graph drawing algorithms
  • Applications of Graph Theory & Network Visualization
  • Visualization of graphs and networks in real world applications, including big data analysis
  • Benchmarks tools for studies of network visualization systems and user interfaces
  • Dynamic and Static System
  • HCI design for Networked system

Please check the submission procedures @ the submission page.

General enquiries and submissions should be addressed to the Conference Co-ordinator

Symposium enquiries specific should be addressed to:

Dr Samuel Mabakane
University of Cape Town
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Centre for High Performance Computing
South Africa

 Dr Paul Sant
University of Bedforshire,UK
dr.paul.sant (@)

Adrian Rusu (Prof.)
Department of Computer Science, Fairfield University, USA
rusu (@)