IVBI – BioMedical Visualization

Organized as part of the 2018 International Information Visualisation Conference, the 22st International Symposium on Information Visualization in Biomedical Informatics (IVBI) is a forum for the presentation of original papers in information visualization theory and applications to biomedical and biomolecular data and processes. The symposium covers all aspects of visualization and issues affecting interaction with large and complex data sets. We encourage the submission of papers covering new techniques, old techniques applied in novel ways, new methods, interesting applications and in-depth surveys.

Peer-reviewed papers will be published in conference proceedings by The Conference Publishing Services (CPS) < http://www.computer.org/portal/web/cscps/>, with ISBN number, and will be indexed by major bibliographical search engines.

Examples of biomedical topics include, but are not limited to:

  • High-performance computing and parallel rendering
  • Nucleotide and protein sequence alignment and search
  • Protein structure, function, sequence analysis
  • Signaling pathways, biochemical networks
  • Gene regulation, expression, identification and networks
  • DNA, RNA structure, function, sequence analysis
  • Biochemical and cellular simulations and models
  • Structural, functional and comparative genomics
  • Biomarkers
  • Drug design
  • Computer aided diagnosis

Examples of visualization topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Interaction with data sets, human factors
  • Data exploration using classical and novel approaches
  • Visualization and databases
  • Linking literature and semantics in pathway visualizations
  • Volume and flow visualization
  • Annotation and labelling
  • Overview and detail presentation of predictive or uncertain data
  • Comparative Methods / User studies / Surveys
  • Identification of correlated and anomalous relationships in disparate data sets

Please check the submission procedures @ the submission page.

General enquiries and submissions should be addressed to the Conference Co-ordinator

Symposium enquiries specific should be addressed to:

Urska Cvek (Prof.)
Louisiana State University and Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Shreveport, USA
ucvek (@) lsus.edu

Marjan Trutschl, Sc.D.
Louisiana State University and Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Shreveport, USA
mtrutsch (@) lsus.edu

Heimo Mueller, Ph.D.
Medical University Graz (MUG), AT
heimo.mueller (@) medunigraz.at